Norwegian Lundehund

The Norwegian Lundehund are unusual dogs because they have extra toes to help them do what they were bred to do, collect puffins from cliff nests.

Given what they were bred to do they are an agile dog with a very flexible neck, they do love to play and are affectionate towards their owners.

Norwegian Lundehund Facts

Norwegian Lundehund

Exercise Requirements:      3 star rating

Good with Children:             4 star rating

Easy to Train:                        2 star rating

Good Watchdog:                    3 star rating

Low Shedding:                       2 star rating

Good with Other Pets:         4 star rating

Vital Statistics

Size: 32-38 cm (12.5-15 in)

Weight: 6-7 kg (13-15.5 lb)

Coat: Rough and dense outer coat with a soft under coat

Colour: Reddish-brown to fallow with black tips to hairs, black or grey, white with light markings or white with dark markings

Lifespan: 12 years

Special Characteristics

These cute dogs love to play and have at least six toes on each foot with big pads and double dewclaws to give them a better grip. These small dogs are described as agile, alert, energetic, lively and responsive.

Exercise Requirements

These dogs have medium exercise requirements and will use up most of their energy through play. Two good walks each day is enough to keep this breed happy.

Attitude Towards:

Owners: They are affectionate towards their owners.

Children: Usually good and love to play with them.

Other Pets: They are friendly towards other small pets.

Strangers: Are friendly towards strangers.

Other Unfamiliar Dogs: Are known to be friendly towards unknown dogs, no problems in this department with this nice natured breed of dog.

What to Watch Out For

These are not the easiest small dog breed to train and are known to be difficult to house train.

Health Risks

Just a few health risks to take note of with this breed including; intestinal lymphangiectasia, inflammatory bowel disease and enteropathy.

Ideal Owner

The perfect owner of the Norwegian Lundehund should be active and easy-going with an affectionate nature and plenty of time available to play.

More Photos

Norwegian Lundehund with reddish-brown fur coat Norwegian Lundehund with brown black and white fur coat

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