Small Dog Breeds A to Z

This is a full small dog breeds a to z list including pictures. Select a dog that you like the look of and find out if it will be suitable for you or not by reading through the information page.

Each dog on the list comes complete with a profile including information on who their ideal owner would be.  We list the dogs behavioural characteristics, which is very important to know when choosing a dog.

Small Dog Breeds A to Z

Knowing each dog breeds characteristics will help you make a well informed choice on whether that particular job will be a perfect match to fit in with yourself and your lifestyle.

Complete Small Dog Breeds A to Z List


  1. Affenpinscher Affenpinscher
  2. American Cocker Spaniel American Cocker Spaniel
  3. American Eskimo Dog (Miniature & Toy) American Eskimo Dog
  4. American Hairless Terrier American Hairless Terrier
  5. Australian Terrier Australian Terrier


  1. Basenji Basenji
  2. Beagle Beagle
  3. Bedlington Terrier Bedlington Terrier
  4. Bichon Frise Bichon Frise
  5. Bolognese Bolognese
  6. Border Terrier Border Terrier
  7. Boston Terrier Boston Terrier
  8. Brazilian Terrier Brazilian Terrier
  9. Brussels Griffon (Rough & Smooth) Brussels Griffon


  1. Cairn Terrier Cairn Terrier
  2. Cardigan Welsh Corgi Cardigan Welsh Corgi
  3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  4. Cesky Terrier Cesky Terrier
  5. Chihuahua (Long & Short Fur Coat) Chihuahua
  6. Chinese Crested Hairless Chinese Crested Hairless
  7. Chinese Crested Powderpuff Chinese Crested Powderpuff
  8. Coton De Tulear Coton De Tulear


  1. Dachshund (Smooth & Wire Haired) Dachshund
  2. Dandie Dinmont Terrier Dandie Dinmont Terrier


  1. English Cocker Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel
  2. English Toy Spaniel English Toy Spaniel


  1. French Bulldog French Bulldog


  1. German Hunting Terrier German Hunting Terrier
  2. Glen of Imaal Terrier Glen of Imaal Terrier


  1. Havanese Havanese


  1. Italian Greyhound Italian Greyhound


  1. Jack Russell Terrier (Rough & Smooth) Jack Russell Terrier
  2. Japanese Chin Japanese Chin
  3. Japanese Spitz Japanese Spitz
  4. Japanese Terrier Japanese Terrier


  1. Klein German Spitz Klein German Spitz
  2. Kyi-Leo Kyi-Leo


  1. Lakeland Terrier Lakeland Terrier
  2. Lancashire Heeler Lancashire Heeler
  3. Lhasa Apso Lhasa Apso
  4. Lowchen Lowchen


  1. Maltese Maltese
  2. Manchester Terrier (Toy) Manchester Terrier
  3. Mexican Hairless (Toy) Mexican Hairless
  4. Miniature Bull Terrier Miniature Bull Terrier
  5. Miniature Pinscher Miniature Pinscher
  6. Miniature Schnauzer Miniature Schnauzer
  7. Mittel German Spitz Mittel German Spitz


  1. Norfolk Terrier Norfolk Terrier
  2. Norwegian Lundehund Norwegian Lundehund
  3. Norwich Terrier Norwich Terrier


  1. Papillon Papillon
  2. Parson Russell Terrier (Rough & Smooth) Parson Russell Terrier
  3. Patterdale Terrier Patterdale Terrier
  4. Pekingese Pekingese
  5. Pembroke Welsh Corgi Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  6. Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
  7. Phalene Phalene
  8. Pomeranian Pomeranian
  9. Poodle (Miniature & Toy) Poodle
  10. Prazsky Krysarik Prazsky Krysarik
  11. Pug Pug
  12. Puli Puli


  1. Rat Terrier Rat Terrier


  1. Schipperke Schipperke
  2. Scottish Terrier Scottish Terrier
  3. Sealyham Terrier Sealyham Terrier
  4. Shetland Sheepdog Shetland Sheepdog
  5. Shiba Inu Shiba Inu
  6. Shih Tzu Shih Tzu
  7. Silky Terrier Silky Terrier
  8. Skye Terrier Skye Terrier
  9. Smooth Fox Terrier Smooth Fox Terrier
  10. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  11. Swedish Vallhund Swedish Vallhund


  1. Tibetan Spaniel Tibetan Spaniel
  2. Tibetan Terrier Tibetan Terrier


  1. Volpino Volpino


  1. Welsh Terrier Welsh Terrier
  2. West Highland White Terrier West Highland White Terrier
  3. Wire Fox Terrier Wire Fox Terrier


  1. Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire Terrier

If you cross breed any of these small dog breeds you get a completely new breed. These are called designer dog breeds, they are becoming more and more popular every day.

If you cross breed a Bichon Frise with a Shih Tzu you get what is called a Zuchone or Teddy Bear dog breed. To see a complete list of Teddy Bear designer dog breeds click here.

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