The Pug is an independent, resolute and wilful little dog that is also known for being rather determined and a little forceful at times.

These small dogs, as you can see, have a very distinctive look about them, they love to play and really do make great little companions.

Pug Facts


Exercise Requirements:      1 star rating

Good with Children:             4 star rating

Easy to Train:                        1 star rating

Good Watchdog:                    1 star rating

Low Shedding:                       1 star rating

Good with Other Pets:         4 star rating

Vital Statistics

Size: 25-28 cm (10-11 in)

Weight: 6.5-8 kg (14-18 lb)

Coat: Soft, short, fine and glossy

Colour: Apricot, silver, fawn or black. Ears are muzzle or mask

Lifespan: 13-14 years

Special Characteristics

The Pug is alert and playful and really does enjoy the company of people. You would also describe these dogs as being friendly, industrious, sociable, gentle, obedient and busy.

Exercise Requirements

These dogs are classed as having low exercise requirements, they are short and stocky but can move fast. One good walk a day is enough to keep them happy.

Attitude Towards:

Owners: Are loyal and affectionate towards their owners.

Children: Really good around children however they can easily get injured during boisterous play.

Other Pets: Are good around other pets including cats.

Strangers: Are friendly towards strangers.

Other Unfamiliar Dogs: Are friendly towards unknown dogs. Socialising them well from an early age always helps.

What to Watch Out For

These dogs only have a small gene pool and therefore health issues are rife. Due to their shortened face they also suffer from breathing difficulties and may also snore. It’s bulbous eyes are also prone to injury.

Health Risks

These dogs have quite a few health risks to take note of including; hip problems, Leg-Calve-Perthes, progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, entropion, dry eye, epilepsy, liver disease and anaesthesia sensitivity.

Ideal Owner

The perfect owner of the Pug would be an affectionate and gentle person who will love the independence of this super friendly little dog.

More Photos

Pug with all black fur Pug with cream fur black face and ears

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