Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a good-natured dog with a coat that needs daily care. It is a breezy little dog that is very friendly with everyone.

These dogs are bred for companionship, they are lively, happy and affectionate small dogs that make superb pets. Great little family dog, although can be hard to house train.

Bichon Frise Facts

Bichon Frise

Exercise Requirements:      2 star rating

Good with Children:             3 star rating

Easy to Train:                        2 star rating

Good Watchdog:                    3 star rating

Low Shedding:                       4 star rating

Good with Other Pets:         4 star rating

Vital Statistics

Size: 23 – 28 cm (9 – 11 in)

Weight: 3 -6 kg (6.5 – 13 lb)

Coat: Fine, silky with lovely soft braid type curls

Colour: White

Lifespan: 14 years

Special Characteristics

This is a dog that loves to be around people and is very friendly indeed.

Exercise Requirements

Will enjoy being active at home, playing games around the house. Will be happy with one or two short walks every day. The Bichon Frise is considered to have low to medium exercise requirements.

Attitude Towards:

Owners: These dogs are dedicated to their owners and are very loving, warm and friendly.

Children: Are normally good around children.

Other Pets: Are great around small pets in the house including cats.

Strangers: Will be friendly towards strangers straight away.

Other Unfamiliar Dogs: Are happy to be around unfamiliar dogs, will be friendly towards them and will be looking to play.

What to Watch Out For

The only thing to mention here is that this breed can be hard to house train. Their coat will need daily care and a good clipping every now and again.

When you are out and about on a walk mud and dirt will stick to their fur and could well be brought into the house. Daily cleaning will be required if you are going on dirty walks every day.

Health Risks

A few things to note down here that might be of concern; patellar luxation, legg-calve-perthes, progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, epilepsy and gum disease.

Ideal Owner

Needs to be able to cope with the daily grooming responsibilities and will be affectionate and sociable. This is a breed that is recommended for first time dog owners, if you don’t mind the daily coat care requirements of course.

More Photos

Bichon Frise standing in the garden Bichon Frise running in the garden

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