Border Terrier

The Border Terrier is an affectionate sweet-natured little dog that will be happy lying around at home or going on long walks all day.

These dogs are alert and love to play and are rather friendly with other dogs. These make great little watchdogs without excessive barking.

Border Terrier Facts

Border Terrier

Exercise Requirements:      3 star rating

Good with Children:             3 star rating

Easy to Train:                        3 star rating

Good Watchdog:                    4 star rating

Low Shedding:                       5 star rating

Good with Other Pets:         1 star rating

Vital Statistics

Size: 25 – 28 cm (10 – 11 in)

Weight: 5 – 7 kg (11 – 11.5 lb)

Coat: Harsh and dense with a close undercoat

Colour: Red, wheaten, grizzle and tan or blue and tan

Lifespan: 13 – 14 years

Special Characteristics

The Border Terrier is easily whipped up into an excitement and is very playful. They are active, sharp and alert.

Exercise Requirements

Likes to get out and about for long walks but will not require it. Their exercise needs are classed as medium.

Attitude Towards:

Owners: This is a loyal little dog that is warm and friendly towards their owners.

Children: Are usually good with children, but not always.

Other Pets: Can be problematic with other small pets in the house.

Strangers: Great with strangers.

Other Unfamiliar Dogs: The Border Terrier is good around other dogs if well socialised. Good idea to mix them with other dogs from an early age.

What to Watch Out For

These dogs are not great around small pets and their coat requires hand-stripping every six months or so. These dogs are not really advised to be around children under the age of 6 or 7.

Do not trust them alone with pet birds, they will try to attack them. If you are out on walks just be aware of cats, these dogs love to chase them.

Health Risks

A few things to take note of; Patellar luxation, cataracts, autoimmune problems, hypothyroidism, heart problems, Legg-Calve-Perthes.

Ideal Owner

The Border Terrier is a good family dog, well for a family that does not have small pets in the house. This dog works best with an easy-going person that has time to play.

These dogs are sweet-natured and do enjoy a long walk, although do not require it. Someone that enjoys exercise would be a great fit for this breed of dog.

More Photos

Border Terrier laid in the garden Border Terrier laid on the floor next to a bone

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